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Data Backup

It’s your data, so protect it securely.

We can protect your data offsite and onsite securely and easily, we even give you daily emails to show what was backed up and how much data is used. Simple, Easy, Encrypted and Offsite giving your business the protection and reducing your risk with Oz Disk Cloud Backup.


Oz Disk Cloud Backup utilises Global Certified data centers with AES 256 Bit Encryption meaning your data is secure in transit and at rest, now that is End to end encryption.


We can Restore data to bare metal is required or recovery to virtual systems when needed.


Need to store the backup for a long term? Not a problem with our secure storage options which allow for cross platform support, granular data selection and compliance.


Oz Disk Cloud Backup helps you prepare for almost anything with automated system restores to Hyper-V or VMware. Virtual disaster recovery, the ability to test recovery images at any time to Hyper-V or VMware and Hot VM backups.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Protect your Microsoft 365 system from data loss. Users can accidentally or purposely delete emails, contacts or calendars our Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 allows this data to be restored as needed.

Server Backup

Our backup system is designed to protect your servers, whether they are virtual or physical.
We use state of the art cloud based systems that control and monitor all backup tasks.
Using an onsite cache can help you deliver faster Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) ,
without the complexity or expense of appliance-based solutions.

Virtualzation Support, Bare Metal Support, Virtal Disaster Recovery & Rapid Recovery
Supporting; VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange, MS-SQL & SharePoint

Windows Workstation Backup

Workstation data loss equals business loss in hours and money. Our Cloud Backup for Workstations allows for the backup and recovery of data that you need protected. Optional onsite replication of data for speedy data recovery.

Documents Backup

With Documents backup, you can automatically backup desktop and laptop common files. This allows your users to have files on there computer to be backed up to the cloud.
A must for anyone that doesnt use Sharepoint or OneDrive

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