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Secure Access to Business Data using
Multi Factor Authentication by Cisco Duo

Your business data is your intellectual property, and this is worth protecting. Keeping it secure without sacrificing user privacy or productivity isn’t easy, Cisco Duo is a trusted access control solution that integrates with your users’ devices without the use of an agent.

Secure Application, Verify End Users and Reduce your Risks

Easy for Every User

Cisco Duo makes it easy for every user to securely and quickly log in. A Duo Push can be sent directly to their Duo Mobile authentication app which allows the users to approve push notifications and verify their identity. You can also use Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security tokens, hardware tokens, mobile passcodes, SMS, phone callback and biometrics like touch ID to provide flexible and accessible options for all user types.

Securing your Remote Access

Cisco Duo integrates with Cisco ASA VPN and provides strong user authentication and device security. This integration solution gives security admins the ability to enforce consistent user and device based access policies for VPN access and thereby reduce risk of data breaches and meet compliance requirements.
Supporting Cisco ASA SSO, SSL VPN with AnyConnect, SSL VPN & IPSec VPN

Easily Enroll and Provision Users

Cisco Duo makes it easy for users to enrol devices on their own, there is even an automatic enrollment option for ease of user provisioning in larger organisations. Improve speed to security by quickly synchronizing thousands of users with exiting directories like; Active Directory, Azure AD or import users via API. Users can even manage their own authentication devices through the Cisco Duo self-service portal.

Cisco Duo Enrol

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